Introducing OAO's new collection.


Protects your feet from the winter cold that is typical of cities and gently warms them. New leather boots for city use proposed by OAO. The simple design centered on waterproof leather also provides high wind resistance. While blocking out the cold air of winter, the breathing function of natural leather keeps the inside of the shoe dry and comfortable.

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Nubuck leather version of signature model THE CURVE 1. The entire item is made of brushed nubuck microfiber that is soft and gentle to the touch.

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Based on the structure of work shoes, using durable and tough materials, reflectors and a Velcro attachment/detachment system that easily fits the shape of your feet, and repulsion that gives you a sense of security during standing work or long walks. The shoes are designed to enhance performance without feeling stress throughout the day, such as with a thick sole that is excellent for comfort. Energetic tree-like materials and patterns cover the entire shoe and wrap around your feet.

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The smooth texture and unique aging of high quality cow leather. Elegant and urbane appearance. This is OAO's first MADE IN JAPAN model, which incorporates conflicting elements in a well-balanced manner and is finished by the handiwork of shoe craftsmen in Asakusa. Available in two patterns: tanned Tochigi leather, which is hailed as the highest quality domestically produced leather, and black-colored cow leather, which is both waterproof.

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Introducing OAO's standard collection.


This product features a design composed of intricately overlapping curves, inspired by architect Zaha Hadid's proposal to build a stadium in Tokyo. OAO's signature model has excellent propulsion and brings comfortable walking comfort to everyday life.

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A collection themed around sculptor Isamu Noguchi's lighting work "AKARI." The multiple stitch lines placed throughout and the soft texture of the canvas are designed to echo the supple curves of bamboo strips and the warmth of Japanese paper. A collection that gives you a sense of playfulness and comfort, equipped with the latest soles that are incredibly soft.

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"AUTH'' was inspired by bespoke shoes, a symbol of classic style. A pair of shoes that are mainly made of leather and have a simple and authentic design. By using VIBRAM's sole, which is excellent in softness and comfort, and a new lace system that makes it easy to put on and take off, it matches any occasion that combines a good old mood with new technology.

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Inspired by the work of sculptor John Chamberlain, who created new artistic expressions using the unique shapes and mass of scrap metal parts from discarded automobiles and household items such as sponges. The design is energetic and gives the impression of a sculpture. The uniquely shaped sole gives off a strong presence, yet is incredibly lightweight considering its volume, ensuring reliable everyday use.

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"FOUNTAIN" is OAO's first waterproof model, and was designed with the aim of creating a joyful experience of "the contact of shoes with water," which can be stressful in everyday life. The shape of the stitching brings a subtle accent to your feet.

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A new model created with the image of a soft sensation like being blown by the wind. Constructed of memory foam cushioning used in the space industry, stretchy neoprene, and soft leather, it absorbs the shock of walking while softly enveloping your entire foot. The minimalist design features flowing lines that blend naturally into any environment.

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MONA is characterized by its unique cut and texture that is inspired by the moon, and gives a gentle feel to your feet. The soft, low-resilience urethane foam, made from a material developed by NASA, gently wraps around your feet, and the highly curved Vibram sole uses its propulsion to move your feet forward naturally.

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A pair of shoes that combines high-gauge knit material with excellent elasticity and breathability, and sustainable leather with a beautiful soft finish. A refreshing sense of freedom, almost like spending time barefoot, coexists with an elegant appearance.

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