Queen of the curve.


One woman became the center of debate during the TOKYO2020 stadium competition. 

Zaha Hadid.

Many Japanese must’ve heard of her name from the intense debate in the news.

“A queer experience, of both Deja-vu of a deeply engraved memory, and a totally unknown sensation.“.

So futuristic,so dynamic that it lacks reality.

But at the same time, seems nostalgic and calms you down.

Opposing senses coexist.

A creative style that makes heavy use of dynamic curves, inspired by Zaha Hadid’s philosophy.

OAO and designer Masaya Kushino applied this philosophy into a pair of sneakers.

Feel the soul of Zaha Hadid, and your soul will shiver.

A bold sneaker is now born.  

0001. The curve 1