Water and stain repellent treatment

There are some precautions for water and stain repellent processing, such as no size exchange. Please be sure to read to the bottom of the page before considering the options.

About Services

This is a service that can be ordered as an option at the time of product purchase.

We will apply a water and stain repellent treatment to your purchased products.
A processing fee of ¥ 3,800 per pair (including tax and shipping) will be charged.

Please allow an additional 3 weeks in addition to the normal delivery time, as our craftsmen will process each item by hand after receiving your order.

Also, please note that we are unable to cancel, return, or exchange orders after the option has been purchased.


About Processing

This process is based on the water and stain repellent treatment technology for "kimono" that has been used for nearly 100 years in Kyoto, Japan.

Unlike ordinary post-processing such as water-repellent sprays, we use special techniques and machinery to penetrate chemicals deep into each fiber to achieve stronger water repellency than usual. The process does not impair air permeability.

The water- and oil-repellent properties of this product make it highly stain-resistant, protecting sneakers from mud splashes and oil and paint stains on rainy days.




Water repellency and stain resistance effects are not semi-permanent.
The effect lasts for about 2 years under normal use, but the effect will gradually diminish.

This process repels water and oil, so it cannot repel powdery stains such as solid mud and dirt.

If you use this option, we will not be able to cancel your order or accept returns or exchanges for size, etc. Please understand beforehand.

Due to processing, there may be slight changes in gloss and texture.