0002. Virtual Nature

Third region odyssey

This work was inspired by Media Art, an artistic expression that uses technologies such as computers, electronic devices, and the Internet, and pursued the beauty that exists between Virtual(substantial) and Nature(substance). The series features a hybrid of organic environment friendly materials and materials that would make one imagine of the near-future.



“Virtual Orbit”, a piece that expresses the planetary orbit through its two curves composed of reflector material that reflects light, and a dotted line peeking from the heel.

Characterized by a series of jagged lines and large gradation colors on the side, this piece depicts the beauty of mountainpeaks on the horizon, hence the name “Virtual Peak”.

“Virtual Wave” is defined by its 3 leather “waves” pointing towards the toe, and its laser-processed aurora reflector that changes its impression depending on the angle.

Through 3 differing designs, journey to discover the third beauty of nature. 


0002. Virtual Nature