FLARE (Beige)
FLARE (Beige)
FLARE (Beige)
FLARE (Beige)
FLARE (Beige)
FLARE (Beige)
FLARE (Beige)
FLARE (Beige)
FLARE (Beige)
FLARE (Beige)
FLARE (Beige)
FLARE (Beige)

FLARE (Beige)

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Size 22.0CM
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It protects your feet from the winter cold that is typical of cities and gently warms them. New leather boots for city use proposed by OAO.

The lining uses OAO Thermotron™, a new material that converts far-infrared rays and light absorption emitted by the human body into heat, providing high heat retention and comfort under the feet.

The simple design centered on waterproof leather also provides high wind resistance. While blocking out the cold air of winter, the breathing function of natural leather keeps the inside of the shoe dry and comfortable.

By using a standard volume sole with excellent softness and high walking performance, you can enjoy a comfortable and comfortable walking experience unlike any other boot.

This product also includes a replacement flat string (color: blue-gray).

22.0CM 4 3.5
23.0CM 5 4.5
24.0CM 6 5.5
25.0CM 7 6.5
26.0CM 8 7.5
26.5CM 8.5 8
27.0CM 9 8.5
27.5CM 9.5 9
28.0CM 10 9.5
29.0CM 11 10.5

We also offer size support to help you find the right size for your feet. Please make use of this service.

OAO Thermotron™
A new material that combines far infrared rays and light absorption heat conversion properties. The fleece material is soft on the feet and provides high heat retention.

SLE EVA™ & TPU Adopts a new sole that combines Vibram's new blended EVA material that increases softness and lightness with TPU parts that create a sense of stability when walking.

By infiltrating the leather with a specially formulated oil that exhibits excellent waterproofness, it is 100 times more waterproof than ECCO LEATHER's conventional waterproof leather. ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ

Ethical Faux Leather™️
Uses non-animal fake leather made from recycled materials. It features a luxurious touch that combines firmness and suppleness.

High repulsion urethane insole Adopts a high repulsion insole that supports kicking while walking. Increases propulsion when walking.

Cork insole
The insole is made of thick natural cork material. Features a soft feel on the feet and moisture absorption and deodorization unique to natural materials.

Upper: Waterproof oil leather (cowhide), waterproof nylon, waterproof PU Lining: Synthetic fiber Sole: High resilience EVA & rubber

Weight (one leg): 420g
Sole thickness (maximum): 5.8cm

The lining uses OAO Thermotron™, a new material that has far-infrared rays and light absorption heat conversion properties. Achieves high heat retention and comfort on the feet.

The classic Vibram® sole with a thickness of 5.8cm shuts down the cold in the city. Also windproof and waterproof.

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