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Sizes 23-25cm are pre-order products scheduled to be delivered in mid-May.
Sizes 26-28cm are available for regular purchase.

Size 23.0CM
Usually ship within 3 business days. Size exchanges are possible within 14 days of delivery.

The sole is made of Vibram RollinGait System Sole, which is one of Vibram's most highly regarded products.

The volume and the unique shape of the shoe, which bends forward and backward, naturally propels the foot forward, reducing fatigue from moving and at the same time supporting style enhancement.

The upper is made of eco-friendly Ecco Leather leather and breathable functional material, which gives a sense of luxury and keeps the shoe comfortable all day long.


23.0CM 5 4.5
24.0CM 6 5.5
25.0CM 7 6.5
26.0CM 8 7.5
27.0CM 9 8.5
28.0CM 10 9.5

We also offer size support to help you find the right size for your feet. Please make use of this service.

Rolling Gait System ™
Easy and efficient weight transfer from heel to toe. Soft foot feel.

Made of sustainable leather that minimizes the use of water and chemicals as much as possible.

3D Mesh
Open 3D mesh for maximum breathability.

Upper: Smooth leather/synthetic fiber
Lining: Synthetic fiber
Sole: EVA midsole/rubber outsole

Weight (one foot): 390g
Sole thickness (max): 5 cm

The thick, curved sole with a raised heel provides strong propulsion and supports everyday walking. It helps move the foot forward with each step.

The unique design built with overlapping curves quietly asserts itself within a simple impression.

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