Virtual orbit (Navy)

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【Virtual orbit】

“Virtual Orbit”, a piece that expresses the planetary orbit through its two curves composed of reflector material that reflects light, and a dotted line peeking from the heel.

By adopting environment friendly leather from Ecco Leather, we have managed to make environment friendly and high quality coexist. The combination of a Vibram sole and cork cushion for the insole makes it soft and comfortable to wear, while also decreasing tiredness.By using a Vibram sole for the sole and a cork cushion for the insole, it is hard to get tired and is soft and comfortable to wear.


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「The new nature beyond the screen」



ECCO LEATHER has its research facilities and factories in the Netherlands. With four bases in Europe and Asia, the leather their designers and craftsmen produce combining tradition and latest technology is used by many Maison brands. Their leather born from innovative technologies such as DriTan ™ is much more environmentally friendly and sustainable compared to normal leathers.

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【About DriTan™】

DriTan™ is a tanning technology developed by ECCO LEATHER.
Tanning is a process which normally requires large amounts of water, but DriTan™ reduces the amount of water needed to tan one piece of rawhide by 20 litres by utilizing the water originally contained in the raw hide. The company tans approximately 1.25 million raw hides per year, reducing the annual water usage by 25 million litres. This figure is equal to the amount of water 9,000 people require per year, based on figures published by the World Health Organization (WHO).


【About virtual nature】

This work was inspired by Media Art, an artistic expression that uses technologies such as computers, electronic devices, and the Internet, and pursued the beauty that exists between Virtual(substantial) and Nature(substance). The series features a hybrid of organic environment friendly materials and materials that would make one imagine of the near-future.




【Size guide】

  SIZE Actual size(cm) cm US UK
1 22~23 23 5 4.5
2 23~24 24 6 5.5
3 24~25 25 7 6.5
4 24.5~25.5 26 8 7.5
5 25.5~26.5 27 9 8.5
6 26.5~27.5 28 10 9.5