THE CURVE 1 Mayumi Yamase

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・This product is an archived product after the sales period has ended.

・This is a product that has been painted, so it may peel off with use. Please wear with caution on rainy days and color transfer.


"THE CURVE 1 Mayumi Yamase" is a product planned as part of a joint project with the creators of "OAO", a footwear brand based on the concept of "fusion with art".

Under the theme of "FLOW LINE," this limited-edition, made-to-order product expresses the characteristic curvaceous beauty of THE CURVE 1, which was incorporated into ZAHA HADID's proposal for the new national stadium, and the soft flowing lines that form Mr. Yamase's work. This pair is characterized by the unique expression created by the striking coloring of the white shoes.




About Mayumi Yamase

Born in Tokyo, Japan. Spent her childhood in the U.S. and moved to England upon graduation from high school. Majored in fine art at the University of the Arts London and Chelsea College of Arts and Design. Currently based in Tokyo, Japan. She works mainly in abstract painting and soft sculpture, with a concept of relative reality (the body) and unseen fantasy and imagination. He has exhibited in Tokyo, London, and Singapore, and has worked with various companies, including Comme des Garçons and BEAMS T.