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Inspired by "Queen of THE CURVE"

One woman became the center of debate during the TOKYO2020 stadium competition.
Zaha Hadid.
Many Japanese must’ve heard of her name from the intense debate in the news.

“A queer experience, of both Deja-vu of a deeply engraved memory, and a totally unknown sensation”

So futuristic,so dynamic that it lacks reality. But at the same time, seems nostalgic and calms you down. Opposing senses coexist.

A creative style that makes heavy use of dynamic curves, inspired by Zaha Hadid’s philosophy.OAO and designer Masaya Kushino applied this philosophy into a pair of sneakers.

Feel the soul of Zaha Hadid, and your soul will shiver.
A bold sneaker is now born.




We applied traditional anti-fouling processing technology, honed for 90 years in Kyoto for Kimonos to THE CURVE 1.

THE CURVE 1 will protect the focus and time of a Creator from the stresses that come from stains and hassles.

The comfort of wearing brand new shoes will continue.


Contrary to the voluminous silhouette, THE CURVE 1 is unbelievably light.

Make your busy days lighter.


Of the many types of Soles Vibram provides, THE CURVE 1 uses the Vibram RollinGait System, which excels in durability and slip resistance.

The shape and flexibility provide propulsion to carry your feet forward unconsciously.

Fatigue caused by walking will be minimised.


“Actual Size” is the length from your heel to the tip of your thumb when barefoot.

Please measure on a flat surface.

Sizes are the same as normally sold sneakers, but for people who usually wear half sizes, we recommend purchasing one size larger.(Ex: If you normally wear 25.5cm shoes, order SIZE 4, 26cm)

The shoes have a bit of room regarding feet width and instep height.


     SIZE Foot size(cm) cm US UK
1 21.5~22 23 5 4.5
2 22.5~23 24 6 5.5
3 23.5~24 25 7 6.5
4 24.5~25 26 8 7.5
5 25.5~26 27 9 8.5
6 26.5~27 28 10 9.5

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