In light of the recent situation where people are unable to enjoy shopping at stores casually due to the impact of COVID-19 and continue to feel uneasy, we are offering a free size-exchange service "Fitting at Home" in order to make online purchases safer and smarter.



【 Fitting at Home】

If the size of the product does not fit after you try it on at home after purchasing, we will exchange the size for free.

Please note that the following conditions must be met in advance.

1) Try on the shoes only at home without walking on the ground
2) The shoes must be exchanged in the same condition as when they were delivered
- If the tag is detached or the box is discarded or lost, the shoes cannot be exchanged
3) The item must be tried on without direct contact with the skin
- Please try on with socks.
4. The item must be shipped within 14 days.


If you would like to exchange the item, please contact us through the official LINE or EC contact form with your order number.


OAO Official LINE

Contact Us Form



[We do not accept the following cases]

*Returns for customer convenience other than size change
*If the item you wish to exchange is not in stock
*Orders from overseas
*If you wish to exchange an item for the second or subsequent time in an order
*If you order "multiple" items of the same product and size
*If you order using gift wrapping
*Items with a "No Exchange" message on the product page

OAO will continue to work to improve the new online purchasing experience through the expansion of its services.