The new nature beyond the screen

"Internet art", an art scene that uses the Internet and media scene as a place for imagination and expression.

Many of these works are published on the Internet, so anyone can access them whenever they want.

By exhibiting works through installations and other methods, new interactive experiences will be born as they link with various public data, reactions, and behavior of the viewers.

These works evolved by interacting with information and activities on the internet, and through online platforms such as SNS, rapidly gained attention as a new genre of art.


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Internet art

Technologies such as the Internet and smartphones have become central to people's lives.

In a world where the internet(virtual) and substance/nature has connected and people live constantly being affected by others, how have the perspectives and values of people changed?

What new artistic possibilities have appeared during this turmoil of change?

"Internet art" is the result of the artists’ challenges to find new possibilities.


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Virtual nature

The boundaries of Internet Art have broken out of smartphone displays and PC monitors, and are spreading out into the more complex and broader world of expressions.

As technology has permeated our lives, keywords such as "nature / environmental awareness" and "expansion of human awareness" have become especially important themes, not just in the art scene.



The "Virtual nature" series depicts the changes in relationship between humans and nature.

Combining the spiritual beauty of nature, environment friendly organic materials, and near-futuristic materials, we explored the beauty between Virtual and Nature.





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