A new event project called "UNITED SPACE (   )" has been launched.






It is neither a gallery nor a store.

The idea is to create a contemporary alternative space where creators and guests can take the initiative and express themselves more freely and flexibly.

That was the initial idea for this project.

Through the creation of the space, the similarities and differences between the creations living in the present day will intersect, creating a fusion of passionate personalities and chemical reactions.

Through the "solidarity of individuals," we propose a new standard that responds to the atmosphere of the times.

"UNITED SPACE (     )" is an experimental event project co-created by multiple creators.





The theme for this first event is BLACK.

Brands and artists who are committed to black-based products and artworks will participate in this event to present a contemporary black style.

Throughout the installation, we will highlight and bring out the subtle differences within the one color, black, and the individuality of each.

Eito Miyanaga's men's cosmetics brand RETØUCH and footwear brand OAO will be participating in the exhibition, and only black products will be on display for visitors to try on, try on, and purchase.

In addition, the black-based works of photographer Sho Makishima will also be on display.


●Participating brands/artists
RETØUCH、OAO、Sho Makishima

2021年7月10日(Sat)& 11日(Sun)

11時〜19時  ※Entrance free

1-6-4 Ohashi, Meguro-ku, Tokyo

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