Stainless technology crafted in Kyoto


Protecting Beauty from Stains

Each and every fiber in the CURVE 1 has been coated with chemicals through special penetration processing.


White colored sneakers are susceptible to stains, but due to this processing, THE CURVE 1 repels water, mud, and paint, allowing it to maintain its white sheen.



Technology honed for 90 years in Kyoto

The repelling technology used in THE CURVE 1 coats every fiver to its very center, allowing it to repel liquids. Due to this technology, the shoes keeps its ventilation, colors, and sheens of the original materials, while being unaffected by liquids.




Our choice of Fabrics

Besides the coating, OAO was particular in choosing the fabrics of THE CURVE 1. 


THE CURVE 1 is composed of a highly durable fiber, Cordura® fabric, which is said to be seven times stronger than nylon, and fabric with superb water and oil repellency.


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